Cocktail Drink Menu Ideas

  Listed below, just a select smattering of the various cocktails I can provide. Obviously, the choices of available drinks out  there today basically unlimited. This list might help give you a few ideas about what you might like to have available at your party.
 If the drink sounds familiar but you can't remember what's in it, simply mouse over the name for a listing of the ingredients. You may also amuse yourself by visiting the Webtender, or email me at and I will answer your inquiry promptly.

 My knowledge and ability to create, pour, or improvise is not at all limited to what is listed below. These are just some commonly requested cocktails.


Rocks Drinks
Martini Drinks
Gimlet White Russian Snake Bite Smith & Wesson Jolly Rancher Orgasm Russian Qualude Fuzzy Navel Grape Ne-Hi
Lemon Drop Apple-Tini Washington Apple Cosmopolitan Kamikaze Melon Drop Manhattan Martini Porn Star
Highball Drinks
Shooter Drinks
Slow Comfortable Screw Tequila Sunrise Mai Tai Blue Hawaiian Sex on the beach Long Island Iced Tea Lynchburg Lemonade Mojito
Surfer on Acid
Scooby Snack
Dirty Girl Scout
Red Headed Slut
Chocolate Cake
Buttery Nipple
Slippery Nut
Nuts & Berries
Duck Fart
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